Declaration of Impartiality
  • Declaration of Impartiality

    NTREECERT shall recognize the importance of impartiality in certification work, identify conflicts of interests and do its best to provide certification services for client’s effectiveness and public interest of the interested parties.

    1. NTREECERT shall not propose or offer consultation on management systems.
    2. NTREECERT shall make sure that related internal/external parties who may have impact on certification activities maintain impartiality and prevent any commercial, financial or other pressure that may hinder impartiality.
    3. NTREECERT shall provide reliable certification reports by nurturing and optimizing human resources.

  • Quality Policy

    NTREECERT shall encourage development of certification systems with fair and transparent review for certification and accurately verify quality management abilities of companies.

    1. NTREECERT shall pursue objectivity for fair certification review.
    2. NTREECERT shall manage eligibility through monitoring for fair certification review.
    3. NTREECERT shall comply with defined work process and plan for transparent certification review.
    4. NTREECERT shall quickly handle customer complaints for reliable certification review.