Certification Process
  • Certification Inquiries & Application
  • Certification Agreement
  • Preliminary Audit
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Verification
  • Issuance & Registration
  • Surveillance
  • Renewal Audit

Certification Inquiries & Application

  • Applicants shall submit an application form/written inquiry to NTREECERT for agreement Audit.
    The Certification shall send a certification proposal (expected days for Audit and expenses) and a written agreement.

Certification Agreement

  • After applicants Audit, sign and send the proposal to NTREECERT with the expenses, its application and agreement shall be completed.
  • When an agreement is made, a Audit division shall be organized and notified to applicants. The division may be organized in consideration of applicants’ opinion.

Preliminary Audit

  • It shall be conducted upon applicants’ request. The overall configuration status of quality, environment and food safety management systems shall be inspected prior to on-site Audit to determine proper Audit procedures. It shall be within 50% of the total days for Audit.

Initial Audit

Stage 1
  • Auditors visit the applicants’ company in accordance with the basic certification regulations for configuration status of quality, environment and food safety management systems defined in documents on quality, environment and food safety.
  • When the documented quality, environment and food safety information fails to conform to the certification requirements, it shall be corrected. The Audit Stage 2 shall not be implemented until correction is completed.
Stage 2
  • It is the first on-site inspection for Audit on execution and suitability of the configured quality, environment and food safety management systems.
  • Certification scheme (schedule) shall be notified to applicants 5 days prior to on-site Audit for the applicant’s consent. If there is an objection to the scheme, it shall be changed and re-notified.
  • The Audit division shall perform on-site Audit based on the certification criteria and checklist according to the certification scheme (schedule).
  • When Audit is completed, the division shall hold a meeting to document non-conforming matters. Approved by the quality/environmental management representative, a non-conformance report shall be issued.
  • At the closing session, non-conforming matters and Audit result shall be explained to the management. The management shall have a session for inquiries and the end date of corrective measures shall be agreed between the related parties.
  • When serious non-conforming matters are found, Auditors may visit the site for confirmation. For minor non-conforming matters, correction may be checked with a document. During Surveillance Audit, corrective measures taken on non-conforming matters shall be rechecked.

Verification of the Audit Report

  • When confirmation/check is completed for each corrective measures according to the Stage 2 Audit, the final Audit report shall be verified by a decision maker for certification.

Certification Issuance

  • When non-conforming matters found in the Audit process are corrected or corrective plans are reasonable, a certificate shall be issued.
  • A certificate shall be issued for the registered company and it shall be in effect for 3 years.

Surveillance Audit

  • Surveillance Audit shall be conducted in 6-month or 1-year cycle from the date of Audit. It is a Audit system organized for continuous maintenance and development of quality/environmental management systems.
  • Special Surveillance Audit may be performed when critical changes to the quality, environment and food safety management systems are made or unsatisfactory result from information analysis is found.

Renewal Audit

  • Renewal Audit is conducted for the purpose of extending certification in 3-year cycle. It shall be conducted in accordance with the certification process at least 1 month before the certification expires.

Formal Objection

  • When applicants raise an objection to the certification decision made by NTREECERT, it shall be submitted in a written form and resolved by the complaint handling committee.