Application Company Implementation
  • You shall comply with the laws and regulations related to the certification system.
  • All necessary preparations shall be completed for conducting the review, including allowing access to all locations, including internal audit reports, and interviewing with supplier staff to investigate and implement documents related to the establishment of management system.
  • It shall be argued that it has been certified only in areas where it has been certified.
  • Certification shall not be used in such a way as to impair the identity of the accreditor, nor shall certification be misleading or recognized as certified by an unauthorized authority when determined.
  • If certification is suspended or revoked, all advertisements related to the fact that certification is obtained shall be discontinued, and all certification documents shall be returned at the request of the certification authority.
  • Certification shall only be used to indicate that the quality management system/environmental management system/food safety management system is suitable for certain standards or other standard documents, and shall not be used to mislead the certification agency.
  • It shall not be used for the purpose of misuse of a certificate document, mark or report, or part thereof.
  • When referring to certification matters in media such as documents, brochures, or advertisements, the requirements set by the certification authority shall be complied with.