ISO 22716

ISO 22716 (Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices)

Cosmetic GMP, an international standard that is compared with the KFDA's CGMP, and is an excellent manufacturing management standard for the cosmetic industry.
ISO 22716:2007 is a guide to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, and describes the requirements for GMP that companies producing cosmetics should apply.

ISO 22716 consists of a total of 17 requirements, based on the management of infrastructure such as human resources, buildings, equipment, etc.,
manufacturing management from raw materials to finished products and process management from departure/complaint and post-treatment, and It consists of changes for system management, internal audit, and documentation management.

The purpose of ISO 22716 is significant in preventing cross-contamination, producing safe products, and delivering them safely to customers.

The importance of certification

As for ISO 22716 certification, most advanced countries such as the EU, the United States, Canada, and Japan have all adopted ISO 22716 as the standard of each country's CGMP, and cosmetics distributed in the EU are recommended to be produced in manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 22716.

Expected effect

  • Building consumer trust by preventing and minimizing product accidents
  • Continuous improvement and risk management possible
  • Building trust and strengthening overseas export competitiveness in cosmetics GMP evaluation
  • Expect to acquire high evaluation when evaluating visits to overseas customers
  • Strengthening the ability to respond to second audits (customers)
  • Responding to domestic and international cosmetic regulations
  • employees can work more efficiently, Because it can be used in the entire process such as cosmetic production
  • Reinforcement of cosmetics export competitiveness by proving international quality competitiveness