Certification Maintenance Instruction
  • The system shall be maintained to meet the applicable standards.
  • You shall always comply with the laws and regulations related to the certification system.
  • In connection with the operation of the certification system, you shall cooperate in the witnessing and special follow-up audits conducted directly by the certification body.
  • Management review and internal audit shall be conducted at least once a year.
  • In the event of any of the following major changes in the certification system, this shall be notified to the certification agency within 30 days.
  • Certification registration change application form

    1. Change of representative
    2. Transferring an accreditation registration organization
    3. Failure, transfer, transfer or merger of certification registration organization
    4. Increase or decrease the size of the authentication registration organization
    5. Production discontinued or closed
    6. Reorganization
    7. Modification of production process, facilities, and construction methods
    8. Revised certification manual and significant changes or new additions to related standards
    9. In the case of environmental system certification, administrative measures have been taken for serious environmental accidents or violations of laws and regulations;
    10. Other important changes that affect the certification system
    11. Request to re-issue a certificate due to damage or loss of the certificate or changes in other certificate entries.

  • Period of follow-up review

    • Period determined by contract based on certification registration date by ISO standard (6 months, 9 months, or 12 months).
    • The follow-up review is conducted on a periodic basis from the date of the certification decision.
    • Major items of review during follow-up management audit
      · Checking the details of corrective action during the previous audit
      · NTREE certificate source mark usage status
      · The details specifically designated by the previous audit team as the items subject to the next audit, etc.

Special post-management review

In addition to regular follow-up management reviews, special follow-up management reviews may be conducted where the grounds for special follow-up management reviews occur, and the company shall comply with them.
In addition, if the certification registration organization is required, a special post-management review can be requested.
The reasons for conducting a special post-management review are as follows:

1) If the improvement plan is to be confirmed within one month after the correction order is notified;
2) In case on-site verification is required due to important changes in the system;
3) In the case of on-site verification is required as the result of analyzing complaints and information, including social water and claims from customers, as a result of failure to satisfy the certification require on-site verification;
4) Where on-site verification is required due to changes in certification requirements and certification system of NTREE certification center;
5) In the case of an environmental certification registration organization, it is necessary to verify the relevant operational procedures after receiving administrative disposition due to a serious environmental accident or violation of laws and regulations.
  • Cooperation is required for independent and smooth performance of the audit.
  • Be sure to comply with certificates, certification marks, and promotional guidelines.
  • Certification-related expenses, such as follow-up inspection expenses, shall be paid within the deadline. In the process of applying for certification and maintaining qualification, all certification-related documents between the NTREE certification source and the organization subject to certification shall be kept and maintained.
  • Corrective actions
    The organization registered for certification shall record complaints and corrective actions received by stakeholders, customers, and employees in connection with the system in which certification has been obtained, and submit such records when requested by the NTREE Certification Institute.
  • Effectiveness of certification
    An organization that is certified may suspend or revoke the certification and may recover the certificate in the following cases:
[Certification effectiveness suspension]
1. If a change in the certification system occurs and the company is not responding to a new standard
2. In case the review cycle for follow-up management is delayed or postponed without any special reason. Provided, That in the case of a six-month main enterprise, the period shall be extended to one year if the grounds for delay or delay are reasonable.
3. When used in violation of the scope of the certificate
4. If the information or document provided during the examination is found to be false
5. If there is a major change in the organization or quality/environment system, but it is not disclosed.
6. In the event of disqualification in violation of a contract or agreement with a certification officer
7. If the certification fee has not been paid
8. If a certificate or certification mark is violated and corrective action is not taken
9. If any other significant problem is deemed to be present

[Cancelation of certification]
1. The certificate authority wants to waive the certificate as an official document
2. If a major disqualification occurs as a result of two consecutive verification reviews;
(If a serious disqualification has occurred as a result of the verification review, and it is re-occurred as a result of the re-examination.)
3. If the validity of the certificate is suspended more than once within the validity period of the certificate due to the same reason;
4. If corrective action is not taken within three months after the validity of certification is suspended and the verification examination is rejected;
5. If the system certification system or standard requirements have been changed and the certification authority has notified you of the conformity certification, but you have not proved it within the specified period.
6. If a certificate withdrawal request has been received for more than one month, and the certificate has not been accepted.